Curiosity drives me.

I have always been passionate about learning. It comes from having an insatiable sense of curiosity. I'm the adult who still asks, "why?" Not to challenge, but to understand. Seeking knowledge is a life-long pursuit of mine; combine that with a deep-seated desire to help people learn new things, and Learning and Development has become my passion. I've often been tasked with designing and developing (and delivering) ILT for my co-workers whenever new software is implemented (from LMS's to OCR interactive software). I had to become my own SME very quickly. It didn't take long to realize how much I enjoyed the design and development process for interactive and engaging learning.  These opportunities led me to pursue a career in eLearning Development and Instructional Design. 

When I'm not creating learning experiences, I enjoy kayaking with my dog (Henry), camping and glamping, sewing, and reading historical mysteries (any Charles Todd fans out there?).

Instructional Design

This credential is the culmination of a 9-month program called Applied Instructional Design Academy. It is earned after completing the Articulate Rise, Articulate Storyline, eLearning Development, and Instructional Design trainings. Earners complete 80+ lessons, receive extensive coaching, and complete a rigorous set of learning activities with practice, extensive feedback, multiple revisions, and the completion of simulated client projects.